• Prenatal Yoga – The Do’s & The Don’ts

    There’s a very long list of technical do’s and don’ts for practising yoga when you are pregnant. But one thing is for certain, yoga is a safe and effective exercise for pregnant women. It can even provide relief during pregnancy and help prepare your body for labor and delivery.

  • Pregnancy Yoga Favourites 30-Min Flow (Video Practice)

    Everyone has favourites right? In my latest practice on YouTube I share a 30-minute pregnancy yoga flow suitable for all trimesters. In this flow I’ve brought together some of my favourite prenatal yoga movements that I teach weekly in my pregnancy yoga classes. These are movements that you can practice daily to prepare for birth, and it’s a shorter practice that you incorporate whenever you can. Safe for the first, second and third trimester. 

  • Yoga For Climbers

    I began climbing as a cross training for my yoga practice, looking for physical training to balance my softer yoga practice. But, the first time I walked into a climbing gym I was surprised to see mindful movements all around. I was surrounded by a moving meditation. Each climber was thoughtful, inquisitive and connected as they moved up the wall. And if something went wrong it was a chance to take a moment and reflect, to discover the undiscovered. The physical movements were a delicate balance between strength, balance and agility. Let’s just say I was hooked.