Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy and early motherhood is FULL of questions. Let’s make this process a little simpler, and I’ll answer my most common questions about my in-person and digital courses here. I even share my favorite “mom hack” for making the most of the mamma baby yoga classes! 

FAQs for Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Every pregnancy is unique, but generally, you can start prenatal yoga at any stage. Most women find it most beneficial starting in their second trimester. Always consult with your midwife (or healthcare provider) before beginning any new exercise regimen during pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga helps to strengthen your body with movements tailored just for pregnancy, while easing common discomforts, and promoting relaxation and stress relief. It’s also a great way to connect with other expecting mothers. You might just meet your new best mom friend in class!

None at all! In fact, many women will practice yoga for the first time during pregnancy or early postpartum. Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, my classes are open to all levels, focusing on the safety and comfort of you and your baby.

If you’re experiencing pelvic girdle pain, first – I am sorry! I had this during both of my pregnancies. Before you join, consult your midwife. Many women find gentle yoga beneficial, but each woman (and pregnancy!) is unique. In my classes, we focus on safe and supportive movements, and can modify poses so you feel comfortable. Please let me know about any concerns or specific needs you have and we can make a plan before you join the class.

Yes! Every woman and pregnancy is unique but I have had many women celebrate their due date – or due week – during one of our classes. If you feel good in your body, joining a course is a great distraction for your mind to keep up your yoga and mindfulness routine and prepare for birth. 

My courses in Lund are all held at N Yoga and offered multiple times throughout the year. You can see the updated offerings, and register for a course on their website at nyoga.zoezi.se/kurs/3. Click on the course you’d like to book, scroll down and click “book”. It’s that simple! Any questions with booking you can write to the studio directly at info@nyoga.se.

My courses in Malmö are all held at Yoga Kendra and offered multiple times throughout the year. You can see the updated offerings, and register for a course on their website at yogakendra.se/yoga/events/.

You can filter this page for my name, “Bethany”. Then scroll down to find the right course and start date. Click “Sign Up”, and you will be redirected to login or create an account on Mindbody. Follow the instructions and you’ll be all set!  Any questions with booking you can write to the studio directly at yogakendra@yogakendra.se.

Because we have a big focus on community creation in the courses, I do not typically allow drop-in sessions. First, I recommend to book the course, and makeup the classes you can’t join in the subsequent course. 

However, when space allows, I do occasionally allow a drop-in session, or partial course booking. More often than not the courses are full. If you have a particular case – write to me directly and we can find a good fit! 

This depends on the studio! But, right now our maximum group size is 15. This way we can have meaningful conversations as a group, and you can feel like you get 1:1 attention before, during or after class. 

I have all of the props – yoga mat, blocks, bolsters and blankets – set out and ready for you! We also have tea and water served at the studio. So really – just bring yourself in good time before class. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows for movement.

Classes are open for women 6-12 weeks after delivery, up until your baby is crawling. This timing ensures you have time to start to heal and get to know your baby and routines before joining a class. When your baby starts crawling, the focus is more on keeping your baby safe, rather than practicing yoga together. However, if your baby is happy in a baby bouncer or chair – bring that and join with a crawling little one. Trust me, it’s most enjoyable this way! 

Our classes always start with gentle baby yoga and massage, giving time for your baby to get comfortable in the class setting. And it’s also a beautiful time to bond and connect with your baby. We then focus on your postpartum body, with stretching and strengthening exercises, and special attention to realigning your body after pregnancy and birth.

Absolutely! But I always say it’s up to the mom. Do you want your baby to hang along for the poses – I give options if you’re holding your baby throughout class! Or, maybe you’re craving some “me” time – bring all the baby toys and create a play area for your baby on or next to your yoga mat. 

Join us! Often babies are most fussy during the first class and then settle more in subsequent classes. I always say to make yourself feel at home. There are very few places you can take your baby and not have to think or “worry” about a fussy baby – but our yoga class is NOT one of those. Come as you are, breathe, move and connect. Plus, I have two small kids of my own and always LOVE to teach with a little assistant in my arms. Yoga and baby care – what’s better than that? 

Take care of your baby! Stay on your mat, breathe and relax your shoulders while you feed your baby. Want to leave to room and sit in the reception (Lund) then do that! Our environment is flexible and so understanding of a baby’s needs.

Come prepared! I love when moms bring baby bouncers, baby chairs (gå stol) or activity centers. Bring all the toys too. If your baby is happy – then YOU are happy! 

Malmö: We have comfortable space for about 7 strollers in the studio entrance. However, I do recommend if you can leave your stroller at home – then do so! 

Lund: We have space for a few strollers in the lobby of the building, but please bring a lock! However, I do recommend if you can leave your stroller at home – then do so!

Unfortunately there is not a stationary changing table at either Yoga Kendra or N Yoga, so please bring a blanket or portable changing pad with you. You are welcome to change right at your place in the yoga studio, or you can also change in the lobby if you prefer. 

I know it’s important to get settled, feed your baby and change diapers before class! I will arrive at the studio about 30 minutes before class, and I ask you not to arrive sooner than 20 minutes before class so that I have time to set out the yoga mats and make tea! Then you are welcome to join me as I set up for class! 

Know that the first class is ALWAYS the loudest. We spend a great deal of effort to get the babies comfortable and relaxed in the space – but it is a new experience for your little one with a lot of impressions! Know that it’s always calmer for everyone from the second class forward. come with this expectation and you’ll set yourself up for success! Welcome! 

FAQs Digital Programs & 1:1 Coaching

This digital program includes weekly themed yoga practices, mindfulness exercises, journal prompts, and guided meditations, all designed to support you through your pregnancy journey. It includes video content, digital workbooks and audio recordings to support you each week. 

Once you enroll, you’ll receive access to the course materials, including videos, audio meditations, and digital workbooks, which you can access anytime from the comfort of your home. You can use your computer or phone – whichever is most convenient for you! 

Yes! This is a great addition to the digital content that will be launched in 2024! For more personalized guidance, you can add on 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with me, where I tailor the practices to your specific needs and journey. You can add this option to any program and choose weekly or bi-weekly sessions, where we meet for one hour digitally, to discuss your needs and practice. 

a woman standing on a yoga mat with a computer screen in front of her. her hands and feet are on the yoga mat for a forward fold yoga pose. she is watching a pregnancy yoga program on her computer to practice from home.