About Me

Why I'm passionate about pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Hi, I’m Bethany! As a 200 YTT registered teacher with specialized trainings in prenatal, postnatal, yin, and aerial yoga, I’ve dedicated years to empowering mothers on their journey. From founding my own yoga studio in 2016 to guiding hundreds through my digital programs, my path has been diverse, previously working as a corporate consultant in the US and Denmark. The most cherished role I hold is being ‘mamma’ to my two beautiful children, Elias and Emilia. It’s this profound experience of motherhood that fuels my passion for supporting women through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

why mindful through motherhood

They say when you have children you are reborn as a mother.

In the midst of my corporate consulting days, I found my calm in the practice of yoga. It wasn’t long before this personal practiced transformed into my life’s passion, leading me to open my own yoga studio and dive deeper into specialized trainings. However, it was becoming a mother to my two children that truly reshaped my perspective. I understood, firsthand, the overwhelming blend of joy, anticipation, uncertainty, and overwhelming love that courses through a woman during pregnancy and motherhood.

After my oldest was born, the pandemic hit and brought me back to work full time much earlier than I anticipated. Fast forward three years, and a few months after my daughter was born, I had to make the tough decision between family and my studio – and this time I chose my family. I realised my kids needed a lot of mindful attention on my part – and I wanted to be present and give this to them.

It was during this time, home with my kids and processing the changes of becoming a mother of two while simultaneously closing my studio of six years, that “Mindful Through Motherhood” took root. I realized the invaluable support that mindfulness and yoga offer during this pivotal phase of life. Drawing from my own experiences and expertise, I tailored programs specifically for mothers-to-be and new mothers, with the intention to help women find calm, strength, and connection during this beautiful, yet challenging time. I believe that by cultivating mindfulness, we not only enhance our own well-being but also create a nurturing environment for our little ones, setting the stage for a harmonious bond from the very beginning.

Join me on this journey. Together, we’ll navigate the ebbs and flows of motherhood, empowering you to embrace each moment with grace, love, and mindfulness.

a pregnant woman practicing supported side plank pose on a blue yoga mat. she is resting on one hand and one knee and has the other arm and leg extended at a side angle to stretch her side body.

The Three Pillars of My Programs

At the heart of my programs is the community of women; a supportive space where shared experiences, knowledge, and bonds are nurtured, creating lifelong connections. 

Through purposeful movements, I blend both safe strengthening and stretching exercises. These are tailored to support the pregnant and postpartum body. 

Equally important is nurturing the mind. Our classes always begin and end with meditation and mindfulness practices, intended to cultivate calm, resilience, and support a deeper connection to yourself and your baby.

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My goal for you

If there's just one take away from my programs - it is that you feel empowered.

pregnant woman standing on a yoga mat practicing warrior one yoga pose for pregnancy yoga

My Top Goal For You

One word: Empowerment. My wish for you is to feel empowered with knowledge, resources, tips and tools to create a well-informed journey through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

a pregnant woman seated in a yoga pose on a grey yoga mat and holding her hands pressed together above her belly. she is looking forward and practicing her mindful breathing for pregnancy.

My "No Go"

One-size-fits-all solutions. I recognize that every pregnancy, birth, and motherhood journey is unique and we need to adapt your practice to respect this.

woman holding her thumbs to her forehead with her eyes closed and practicing a mindful yoga mudra

A Little Fun Fact

As a young teenager I competed in professional watersports as a wakeskater, and started cross training with yoga for mobility. I’ve been practicing yoga ever since!

"The fact that you share every resources and experience that you have personally had. The most important thing is that you make all your students feel seen and heard."

— sheena, prenatal yoga 2022

Practice with me

Six Week Digital Mindful Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy and early motherhood can be a beautiful and transformative time in your life. It can also be a time of change and uncertainty, where a little extra support is welcomed. In my six week digital program, I have compiled all of my best tips, tools and of course yoga practices so that you feel empowered and ready for the changes to come.

pregnant woman standing on a yoga mat practicing warrior two yoga pose for pregnancy yoga

digital seminar

Learn to Breathe: Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Join my free one hour webinar to learn simple breathing techniques. We cover: breathing techniques to help with common pregnancy discomforts; how to breathe during labor and birth; and my favourite breathing technique for motherhood and how to model this breath for older siblings too!

a pregnant mother seated in an easy seated yoga pose on a rug at home. she is mindfully holding her pregnant belly.


Mindful Mamma Handbook

This ebook includes over 30 essential yoga poses that every pregnant woman should know. The simple guide is filled with insightful information, step-by-step instructions, pictures and guidelines to get you safely practicing at home. Plus start learning about mindfulness and why I am so passionate about this practice for pregnancy!