preparing for motherhood

Digital + In-Person Programs For Pregnant & Postpartum Mammas

Join mindful, nurturing yoga practices and resources designed to support and strengthen you through pregnancy and beyond. Whether you plan to practice from home or in a group class – there’s a perfect fit for you here in one of my programs. Let’s prepare for motherhood together.

mindful mamma handbook

Download the free mindful mamma yoga handbook

Resources to safely plan your own prenatal yoga practice at home. Learn how to confidently practice over 30 prenatal yoga poses, and how to incorporate these movements into simple routines at home. Plus learn about mindfulness, breathwork, affirmations and more.

mindful through motherhood

Feel prepared for motherhood.

Step into motherhood feeling prepared and at peace, with tools that empower a calm, connected, and positive birth experience. My customized yoga programs not only guide you toward an empowered birth but also extend nurturing postnatal support to help you reconnect with your body, your baby and navigate the new adventure of motherhood.

local mammas: lund & malmö

Find your tribe in our community of mammas.

Group pregnancy yoga & mamma baby yoga courses led in Lund and Malmö. Take care of your body, mind and growing baby with one of our in-person courses: 6 week pregnancy yoga courses and 8 week mamma baby yoga courses are offered at least 2x in Spring and 2x in the Fall. Click the link below to read more and find a date and program that suits you and your baby.

a mamma baby yoga class. two women are seated in butterfly yoga pose and holding their babies in their laps. the women are looking and listening to the yoga teacher and smiling. the babies look happy and content in the class.

"The community Bethany created. She was honest, real and so incredibly knowledgeable. I’m so thankful for her and her practice. I gained my two best friends from my first prenatal yoga course.

— Meghan, prenatal course 2022

a pregnant woman sitting down in hero yoga pose. she is looking to her phone and practicing a digital pregnancy yoga program from home.

prenatal online - self paced program

Bring mindfulness into your pregnancy

Pregnancy and early motherhood can be a beautiful and transformative time in your life. It can also be a time of change and uncertainty, where a little extra support is welcomed. In my six week digital program, I have compiled all of my best tips, tools and of course yoga practices so that you feel empowered and ready for the changes to come. Read more and preview the program by clicking the button below.

a woman holding her pregnant belly with mindful care

7 day intro program (online)

Deepen your bond with your baby through mindfulness practices

In this mindfulness intro course, you’ll embark on a seven-day exploration of mindfulness practices to support your pregnancy. You will receive daily exercises in mindfulness , self-care rituals, and journal prompts each designed to inspire and jumpstart your mindfulness journey. My dream is for everyone to expereince the benefits of mindfulness for pregnancy, so this program is priced at just 150 SEK (approx. 13 Euros). Read more and preview the course by clicking the button below.

"I really loved the prenatal course! It gave me strength both physically and mentally. I felt so safe with Bethany as a teacher, because I know she has the right knowledge to guide me."​


pregnant woman practicing yoga and standing in tree pose. she is holding her hands to her pregnant belly and balancing with one foot lifted to rest on her inner thigh.

We're a good fit if...

You’re looking for a calm and connected pregnancy

Mindfulness is an incredible tool to cultivate calm and connection as you prepare for birth and motherhood.

You want to be active during pregnancy

Many yoga programs focus just on breathing and stretching during pregnancy. This isn’t me! I believe it’s equally important to build strength, as it is to relax. 

You're looking for a community

These courses bring together an incredible community of women. Don’t take my word for it – you can read more from other mammas here