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Malmö 2-4 november 2018

Till schema Malmö 2-4 november 2018 >


16:15 : Mindful Movements & Meditation (Studio 3)

A slow yoga practice, where the focus is on developing a closer awareness to your breath, body and mindful movements. The slower pace offers the opportunity to explore the asanas, the linkage of pranayama, and develop a conscious awareness of your practice. A balance of vinyasa movements, yin postures and meditation.

[av_content_slide title=’The Local Sweden’ link=’manually,https://www.thelocal.se/20170130/i-decided-no-more-accounting-and-opened-a-yoga-studio-in-sweden‘ linktarget=’_blank’]

“Having gone from working as an auditor in sunny Florida, USA, to running an international yoga studio in chilly Malmö, Sweden, a lot has changed for Bethany Henderson in the last three years. Oh, and did we mention she used to be a professional wakeskater?”

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“Yoga for me is about self awareness and exploration. It is about taking time for myself to check in, to breathe, to move. Which we rarely do in our busy lives.”

[av_content_slide title=’Umgås Magazine’ link=’manually,http://www.umgasmagazine.com/bethany-henderson-sweden-yoga/‘ linktarget=’_blank’]

“Maybe it was this mindful awareness that led to the decision to change. But one day, I woke up and felt in my gut that it was worth the risk to follow my passion and to see where the path led me.

[av_content_slide title=’Manduka Yoga Ambassador’ link=’manually,https://www.manduka.com/ambassadors/id/14‘ linktarget=’_blank’]

“3 tips you tell your yoga students
1. Step out of your comfort zone – allow yourself to grow
2. Let go of expectations – its only you and your mat
3. Don’t get caught up with the physical – turn your intention inward. Breathe and connect.”


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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Dena, Montenegro’ subtitle=” link=’http://’ linktext=”]
“Bethany has a beautiful teaching style and creates a wonderful atmosphere in class. She has a very personalized approach with everyone in class, which is somewhat of a lost art, I’d say.”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Johanna, Germany’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“I really miss this Monday night routine! This has been my first Yoga experience and Bethany convinced me right from the beginning. She’s not just great in motivating and encouraging people, but also creative in arranging different ways of practice each week. She always considers someones health, asks for special requests and is open minded and excited about welcoming new people. Her practice is always filled with laugh, great music and funny conversations afterwards. I can highly recommend to join her classes, even as a Yogi-Newbie! Bethany, please keep up the great work and your positive vibes, the world needs more of that!”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Dominque, Canada’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“Bethany is such an amazing teacher! She is so welcoming and made me feel super comfortable right from the start. Her classes are fun yet challenging, so they’re accessible to all levels of yogis.”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Pála, Iceland’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“Bethany is a calm and fun teacher, that brings smiles to the yoga practice. Her classes are suitable for everyone, both complete beginners and more advanced practitioners, and she deeply cares about her students needs. She both knows how to make you relax and to make you work hard with a smile on your face in challenging poses. I love her classes!”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Nikita, Germany’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“Coming from Berlin I participated in Bethany’s Yoga-classes during my exchange in Sweden. Her way of teaching is at the same time challenging and calming. Her explanations were always detailed and easy to follow. Like that I learned in a very fun way and enjoyed the classes a lot.
Additionally she is a very open and positive personality in general, which created a very motivating and positive atmosphere. I would recommend Bethany as a yoga-teacher any time for everyone, advanced and beginner. I am very happy that I found such a nice Yoga-class during my stay in Sweden. Thank you Bethany.”

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